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iGeoKnife is a Geocaching tool for those who want to have their GSAK database available at all times.

Just add your database to iGeoKnife's shared folder in iTunes and you have instant access to your database(s) wherever you are. You never need to be online to checkout the nearest cache.

If you don't use GSAK you can import GPX files into the app.

iGeoKnife will let you browse, get detailed description, navigate and log all caches.


  • Browse GSAK database
  • GSAK7 and GSAK8 compatible
  • Import GPX files from iTunes' filesharing
  • Open GPX, ZIP and DB3 files from other apps. (e.g. Dropbox, mailclient or Safari)
  • Make custom filters
  • Sort by database column
  • Search on name, cache-code or owner
  • Navigate to a cache on map* or using the build in compass
  • All additional waypoints will be shown on map when you navigate to a cache
  • Create custom waypoints, e.g. when solving a multicache
  • Use the map to browse all your caches
  • See the corrected coordinates if any
  • View the cachedescription, logs, hints, waypoints and user notes.
  • Log your finds
  • Choose to email the logfile or drag and drop it from your shared folder.
  • The created logfile is compatible with geocaching.com's 'field notes',
  • Go directly to the cache's online page via http://coord.info/
  • Show favourite points, if you use a GSAK8 database.
  • Customize app behavior in settings

iGeoKnife is a universal app and is optimized for both iPhone and iPad. It available for just $3.99 in the App Store

*Please Note: You need to be online to browse the map.